THY WILL BE DONE follows Male-to-Female Transsexual Sara Herwig in her path to ordination in the Presbyterian Church. Efforts have been made to block her ordination by conservative groups who don’t recognize her as female and question her fitness to be a Pastor….. but who also challenge her candidacy because she is in a same-sex relationship, with a woman. Sara also needs acceptance from family and friends. Her mother and daughter describe the conflicted feelings they had as they tried to accept a new relationship with Sara. Their sense of loss, and the complicated love that followed, forced them to redefine their faith. Sara’s ex-wife Billie presents an emotional narrative of their marriage, and their life as the model young couple who struggled in vain to follow conservative interpretation of scripture that sees transsexualism as a sin.

THY WILL BE DONE highlights that point of tension where gender and faith intersect as contextualized in the Presbyterian Church in particular, and in the broader religious community in general. At issue is the organized Christian Church, with all its political and financial power, as one of the fiercest battlegrounds for LGBT rights and gender recognition. And as for Sara, she actively seeks not only to participate in the Ministry as an openly transgendered person, but as an activist who seeks to transform a world – spiritual and otherwise – that operates by conventional notions of sex and gender.